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Member Benefits

Membership entitles each individual member or each rider in a member family to the following benefits.

1) Organized group rides, typically each Saturday morning during the warmer months and warm days in the colder months.  Rides typically run from about 30 miles up to 60 miles.  Riders can join a low-intensity group or a more advanced group, whenever they feel like it.  These rides are not a competition and no riders will be left behind.  Benefits include mutual support, fun, skill-building, and mutual aid.  Ride leadership rotates among members.  Rides will be announced by e-mail and through the website.

2) Weekday rides.  Various club members will take on the responsibility of posting rides throughout the week.  These will be run by members and announced by e-mail.

3) All members are entitled to a 10% discount at Scotts Cyclery on parts and equipment.  Some discounted sale items and labor are excluded.  Scotts is on Main St. in Willimantic.  They are fine folks and a sponsor of our club.

4) Riding trips will be organized, with the goal of planning several one and two-day rides for members.

5) Meetings will be held several times each year for the sake of planning, review, discussion of upcoming events, and simply for having a fun time!

6) Collaboration for riding events.  TCC will share information about riding events, such as Century rides, races, triathlons, duathlons, fundraisers and other events where TCC members may wish to join forces as a team or to simply share transportation.

7) Uniforms.  Each member can purchase cycling clothing as part of our club order. Typically this includes shorts, bibs, jerseys, shorts arm warmers and vests. This is fine quality equipment and it is discounted through support from our sponsors.