About Us

Our Approach

Who We Are

These days everybody has to have an official mission statement and goals, so here they are:

The purpose of Thread City Cyclers (TCC) is to provide opportunities for cyclists of various skill levels to challenge themselves, to learn more about cycling, and to train for various riding activities.  TCC promotes cycling events that encourage teamwork, safety, and increased public awareness of cyclists and their rights on public roads.  TCC also promotes activities that make more people aware of the myriad benefits of cycling.

The purpose of Thread City Cyclers is to:

  • Promote cycling in Connecticut and other locations where TCC activities may take us.
  • Develop individual and group riding skills.
  • Provide a framework for like-minded individuals to train and socialize.
  • Sponsor and support local cycling events including group rides, skill clinics, and overnight trips.

TCC is a sanctioned club of League of American Bicyclists

Thread City Cyclers is an eclectic group of cyclists who are centered in the greater Windham-Mansfield area of northeast Connecticut.  We draw membership from as far as Glastonbury, Manchester, and South Windsor to bike our weekly rides.  The "Quiet Corner" of Northeast Connecticut offers hundreds of miles of rural riding on scenic country roads as well as rail trails. TCC's membership is 136 strong and growing.

We have some folks who road race. We have folks who like to do triathlons. We have folks that like to ride the rail trails. We have people who thrive on doing century rides, and we have folks who enjoy cyclocross. We have mountain bikers, time trialers, long distance riders, old folks trying to sustain their youth, and young bucks and buck'ettes looking to make a name for themselves.  We have folks who ride very fast and folks who like to take it easy and smell the flowers. We have veteran riders who make cycling a centerpiece of their lives and beginners who are just starting on the road to more serious riding and are looking for support, equipment tips and advice about how to get better. What unites and sustains us is that we love to ride.

Our Story

What We Do

We ride.

The centerpiece of TCC activity is our weekly Saturday ride.  These run from from The first Saturday in April through the last Saturday in October.  Most of our rides depart from North Windham School, but occasionally we use "Remote Start" locations to take advantage of a wider riding area.  A more detailed explanation of rides can be found under Ride Information.

The centerpiece of our riding calendar is the Thread City Century.  The TCC Century offers a variety of routes from 43 to 102 miles.  Please check the web page for more details, and an opportunity to register online.

We also hold a few other social events through the year.  Our Pot-Luck Dinner/Annual Meeting is in January.  Our annual Ice Cream Social is in March.  These events give us the chance to connect with each other as we work our way through winter and set up the club organization for the coming year.

We welcome potential members to join a ride or two as guests to learn more about us and experience the friendly and supportive feel of TCC firsthand.  However, any guest who rides with us more than a couple of times will be asked to become a member so that they are covered under our insurance.

Our main methods of communication are via one-way email notices (sent through MailChimp) and event notices posted through our group on Meetup.com.

For more information about our weekly rides please send an email to [email protected] and ask for upcoming ride information.  This way we can get in touch and help you find the right ride for you.

Come ride with us.