Current Ride Format

General and Ride Leader Guidelines:

  1. Each week TCC sends a Saturday Rides email to all members. The email offers and links to at least two and usually three routes from the TCC RideWithGPS library. This allows any member to use RideWithGPS turn-by-turn navigation without having a paid RWGPS account. The routes are usually an assortment of short (25-30 miles), medium (35-45 miles), and long (45+ miles).
  2. Our traditional starting point is the North Windham School and many routes start there. But alternative or “remote start” locations may also be used.
  3. Any member may lead a ride, using one of the offered routes or any route of their choice. The leader is strongly encouraged to add the route to the TCC RWGPS library if it is not already there. Most of us do not have the rights in the TCC RWGPS account to add routes, but you can ask the TCC president to do so.
  4. A ride leader must create an event on the TCC Meetup for the ride. The RSVP closing time must be at least 90 minutes before the start time. The event must include the starting location, start time, a link to the route on RWGPS, and the anticipated average pace.
  5. Each ride group must have no more than 10 riders, so if more than 10 sign up on Meetup, additional leader(s) must volunteer to split the group. Ideally, this would happen in advance, creating "overflow" Meetup events.
  6. A ride leader must have a copy of the emergency contact list in some form or have every rider’s information on their phone.
  7. We allow up to two guests per member on a ride. The member uses the +1 or +2 feature of the RSVP on Meetup. A guest must sign a liability waiver before starting the ride.
  8. An “ad-hoc” event (any event posted on TCC’s Meetup for any day) must follow the same guidelines as a Saturday ride.

Guidelines for all riders:

  1. Each rider must wear an ANSI-approved helmet.
  2. Each rider must have their identity and emergency contact information in some form on their person.
  3. Each rider is responsible for obtaining an electronic map or printing a cue sheet for their selected route.
  4. Each rider must RSVP to the ride event on Meetup to assure their place on the ride.
  5. As of summer of 2021, we recommend carrying a face covering because we may stop at a business that still requires them.
  6. We encourage every rider to follow our Best Practices.