Safety Protocols in Case of Accidents

If someone is in the process of crashing, the bikes around them should avoid panicking, which could cause additional crashes or falls. Once a crash has occurred the group should go back to the rider and get them off the road as quickly as possible unless it’s clear that there is a serious injury. The group should assign a couple of people to direct traffic and the rest of the group should get out of the road to avoid additional problems. It sometimes takes a minute or two to assess whether there’s a minor injury involved (some minor road rash that they can continue with) or something more serious that may require an ambulance ride. If a crash results in a head injury there is a risk of concussion and other serious medical conditions.  Riding with a head injury risks reinjury which can lead to more serious damage and a rider with a head injury may demonstrate poor judgement and slow reflexes which puts other riders at risk. Thus, a rider who sustains a head injury will not continue the ride. In case of a serious injury, call 911 with a location and a description of the situation. Also, with the list that they should carry with them, ride leaders should call the injured rider's emergency contact immediately and let them know what is going on.  If it’s a large group that continues on, leave a few people with the injured rider to help out and arrange logistics. Make sure you know what hospital they are being going to and what arrangements are made for the bike. Please remember to fill out an incident report as soon as it is convenient to do so.  Fill out incident report here:  Incident Report