How to Lead a Group Ride

How to Lead a Thread City Cyclers Bicycle Ride

Original version prior to 2014, revised August 2016

  1. A Thread City Cyclers ride leader is a ride leader and a route planner.
  2. Ride leaders should choose the appropriate ride distance and difficulty for the group they are leading.
  3. Ride cancellations due to inclement weather should be posted on Meetup no less than 90 minutes before the ride start time.  If it is not possible to meet this cut-off time, ride leaders should be present at the meet spot to alert riders of the cancellation.  A ride leader NEVER needs to lead a ride if they deem conditions to be unsafe.
  4. Ride leaders should keep the ride at the pace as advertised. You must have a computer on your bike to determine the pace and average speed.
  5. Before starting, ride leaders should take attendance to know how many people are on the ride. All riders should introduce themselves, and riders should be asked if they are on the most current membership list. If they are not on the current list, riders should provide to the ride leader their personal and emergency contact information.
  6. Ride leaders should carry a cell phone and a club membership list (paper or electronic document) with phone numbers in case of an emergency.
  7. Ride leaders are responsible for keeping the ride together and controlled, which means that sometimes faster or stronger riders can ride in front of the group. However, if a rider is in front of the ride leader and takes a wrong turn, the ride leader is not responsible for correcting that mistake. Ride leaders can choose to lead from the front or from various positions in the group, and ride leaders should tell the group their leadership style before the ride departs. Ride leaders can designate a sweep or assistant, or that role can evolve on the ride. At all designated intersections, ride leaders should confirm that all riders are back with the group.
  8. Ride leaders are responsible, to the best of their ability, for the safety of the ride. Ride leaders are encouraged to counsel riders who are affecting the safety, as well as the overall pace, of the ride.
  9. Should an accident occur, the Ride Leader will complete an Incident Report as soon as possible.
  10. When the ride is done, ride leaders should thank everyone for coming and answer or take note of any concerns or questions. Ride leaders should report any and all issues to the ride committee coordinator.