Pre-2020 Ride Levels

Ride Level descriptions:

Scott Johnson Beginner Ride: 10 miles at 10 mph, and is, of course, no drop! Sometimes we go a little longer depending on who shows up. Any sort of bicycle is welcome, from fancy road bike to hybrid to mountain bike to recumbent. Great for folks who haven’t ridden in a long time or are just starting out!

C Ride: Distance is 25-35 miles at an average of  11-12 mph. No drop. Great for people who’ve gotten a little more experience and are comfortably able to ride 25 miles on their own.

C+ Ride: Distance is 25-45 miles at an average of 12-13 mph. No drop. When you’ve gotten a little more range beyond C and can go a little faster!

B ride: Distance is 35-50 miles at an average of 13-15 mph. No drop.  Possible instruction on pace line and other group riding skills.

B+ Ride: Distance is 25-70 miles at an average of 14-16 mph. No drop. Pace line skills are appreciated. This ride is often adventurous, exploring back roads, hills, and sometimes dirt roads!

A- Ride: Distance is 35-70 miles at an average of 16+ mph. Paceline skills are recommended. This group may spread out and regroup at intersections.

A ride: This ride is traditionally ad hoc with leader and distance decided when gathering on Saturday morning in the parking lot. 17+ mph average. This group may spread out and regroup at intersections.